The commercial area is a key area for success. All business efforts throughout the value chain should culminate with an efficient sales process. It is also one of the areas in which they can potentially achieve higher economic impacts. In DOT CONSULTING we make an operational approach of the commercial area in order to increase sales volume, through a better customer care, increasing productivity, a review of the sales process, an efficient management of the customer base or just a better use of the opportunities that arise in relationships with customers.

Efficient management of the sales network

We help increase up to 30% profitability of companies working sustainably with the commercial organization and sales networks.

We achieve this designing and implementing changes that enhance both the efficiency and productivity of the commercial teams, as well as commercial orientation of the entire company. With the improvements introduced costs are reduced, the impact on customers and profitability is maximized, while customer loyalty is improved.

We improve the sales network of enterprises, enabling them to better exploit the growth opportunities that arise. We review and implement changes that affect not only the commercial organization but the whole company, so that the available domestic resources, such as the back office that supports them to be used more effectively. 

The approach we take to change is based on best practices used and that have been proven effective in many scenarios. Improvements and implant systems work are progressively put in place so that the service does not affect the customer or there income, and are introduced progressively as the organization is assimilating.

In an improvement project, we board the following topics:

  • Definition of business goals, determining the potential for improvement, defining the various customer segments, identifying those most valuable segments and setting ambitious goals.
  • The client coverage and management, identifying various channels and products to link them to the appropriate customer segments and geographic regions of coverage defining adequate resources.
  • The business processes involved, with reviewing and improving the direct sales process, developing sales arguments and their adaptation to each customer segment. We also reviewed the processes of recruitment, retention and loyalty.
  • The system of incentives to business, with compensation policies as the achievement made. With that we pretend line the commercial objectives of the company with the individual benefit.
  • Improved performance of current customer base, through processes of cross selling, up selling, targeted promotions, pricing policies and action plans to make grow our customers sales. We also make activities to collect “quick wins”.
  • System monitoring, operational indicators and evaluation of results, with the definition of indicators for monitoring the activity, performance channels and evaluating the success of the actions taken. Management systems were also implemented for decision making
  • Back office processes and internal support to the sales network, improving activities such as customer service or support services from the back office and boosting its coordination with sales teams

We start with an objective assessment of the state and the commercial potential of the sales network. With this diagnosis we can identify together with the trade organization the key elements to change and develop a practical plan of improvement with realistic deadlines.

The paradigm shift is progressive, assessing the impact on the ground and making adjustments if necessary.

From DOT CONSULTING we accompany you in managing change and train sales teams to develop best skills of sale. Inside the improvement process, we follow the adaptation of the areas of support to the new procedures.

Expansion into new markets

High growth potential going into new international markets, thanks to the progressive liberalization of trade, improving communications and economic emergency in many countries are opened.

We help companies to develop in these markets providing perspective, identifying risks and opportunities, accompanying them throughout the expansion process.

There are great advantages in the internationalization of your company:

  • Keep growing in its sector
  • Access economies of scale due to higher volume production
  • Make the most of fabrication capacity
  • Diversify risks in various markets
  • Win prestige and image
  • Understand and learn from new competitors
  • Access to international funding or simply operate in more profitable markets

But you also have to face several challenges, like:

  • Ignorance of the trade rules of a new market and the behavior on of new client
  • The laws and regulations of all kinds provided by foreign governments (tariffs, taxes, controls and requirements)
  • The volatile exchange rates and difficulties for adequate access to export credits
  • The coordination of activities in other countries, with the logistical and management problems that appear in international projects

This transformation, which can be simply limited the commercialization through a local partner, the establishment of a Joint Venture with a partner company, or come to the establishment of an international headquarters. In any case it is advisable to be raised with a gradual approach, minimizing risks and a degree of involvement in the new market to grow as experience and knowledge is gained.

From DOT CONSULTING we help you prioritize the different variables, to meet the challenges that arise and to establish a coherent planning that allows a fast, safe and controlled expansion. We also follow and support throughout the process of expanding into new markets.

Areas of sales support

An improved client service and after-sales service satisfaction and improves client loyalty. This finishes translating into more sales.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of a commercial network increases considerably if he can concentrate on the sales process and receive good support from the rest of the company.

The attention and service to its customers during and after sales is an essential element in the opinion formed. Often it is not only the most important reference, it’s the only one.

The areas of customer service, after sales service, or any area of the business that requires a good coordination with the sales teams, they usually have a very large impact on the results of a company.

Efficient operation of these areas enables sales teams to focus on business processes and maximize time spent on customers, while minimizing the incidents.

In the process of customer services arise opportunities to surprise with a good service and exceed his expectations. This enhances the reputation of the company, the ability to build customer loyalty, and improve predisposition towards new purchases or other customer favorable prescription.

An efficient support services for sale represent an opportunity to understand better the key aspects of customers:

• Which opinion they have about the products and services of the company
• Which use they do of their products and which problems arise
• Which quality problems they have and which doubts appear

This knowledge is very important in order to sell new products and services through techniques of cross selling and up selling.

CONSULTING DOT approach is the realization of a diagnosis to assess the degree of excellence and potential for improvement, their economic returns.

From the diagnosis made an action plan will be implemented, this one will include:

  • The improvement of the process and his standardization
  • The establishment of the key performance indicators (KPI’s), and a monitoring and decision making
  • Developing and implementing a plan for staff training according to the needs
  • Reassigning roles and responsibilities of personnel involved to meet the needs of the service