Prepare companies for sale, capital increase and / or incorporation of partners

  • Optitmize the company value
  • Reduce the impact of obstacles for sale
  • Assess the fiscal risk and fit its impact on the sale
  • Coordinate and create a legal team for the operation
  • Analyze the optimal structure of sale
  • Assess who and why he company might be interested
  • Analyze Financing
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Review the business strategic plan
  • Define maximum confidentiality information

 Purchase – sale of companies

  • Mandates

Acquisition of companies

Preparation and sale of companies

Merger operations

Search for financial partners and investment opportunities for venture capital funds.

  • Valuation reports
  • Negotiation of the terms and conditions in transactions



Viability and Reconstruction Plan

  • Treasury crisis management in the short and medium term
  • Divestment of unprofitable activities
  • Creation of the Crisis team
  • Operational Restructuring
  • Template resizing
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Cost reduction
  • Management control
  • Renegotiation of conditions with suppliers
  • Redefinition and implementation of the Organization Chart
  • Support for execution and decision making
  • Support for managing change and overcoming the Crisis
  • Internal and external communication strategy
  • Business diagnosis
  • Preparation of the Creditors’ Competition
  • Orderly liquidation of companies
  • Negotiation of the Agreement with workers and creditors
  • Review of Feasibility Plans (IBR)
  • Assess credit risk and liquidity risk

Refinancing services

  • Preparation of the financial strategic plan

Estimation of cash flows, evaluation of return capacity and sensitivity analysis.

Restructuring of balance sheets, unpaid management and renegotiation of debt with suppliers.

  • Refinancing Debt with Financial Institutions

Analysis of financial debt, optimization of leverage, determination of the Banking Pool, analysis of guarantees and guarantees, design of possible refinancing strategies, preparation of the dossier for debt negotiation, bilateral meetings with financial entities and collective meetings with financial entities .

Analysis of refinancing contract and coordinated structuring with legal advisors and refinancing.


Financial investors and risk capital

  • Search of potential targets, definition of criteria, contact, follow-up and preparation of the necessary documentation
  • Advice on acquisition, growth capital operations, MBO, shareholder replacement, build-up and integrations
  • Search for bank financing for the execution of operations
  • Due Diligence for improving operating EBITDA
  • Blind profiles

Integration of acquisitions

  • Definition of the integration plan by functional and global areas
  • Execution project schedule
  • Coordination by the CIO (Chief Integration Officer) of DOT of the heads of each area of the purchasing company
  • Ensure control of operational management of the acquired company
  • Assignment of the team responsible for the execution, integration of HR and redefinition of the organization chart




  • Interim Managers in Acquisition processes
  • Interim Managers in Restructuring processes
  • Crisis management
  • KPIs valuation risk
  • Pre Due Diligence Asset Pricing
  • Due Diligence Asset Pricing