Consultant specialised in the improvement of operations and internal business efficiency, capable of improving our clients results on a sustained basis

DOT CONSULTING is a consulting able to improve internal business efficiency, increasing steadily the results of our customers. The result of our work is the solution to a business problem. Our solution consists of a design and its implementation in the organization. We accompany adjusting the solution to get the results compromised. This constant search for the tangibility of our results and a return of the cost of the projects is what guarantees the true success of our business. We also understand that a key element for success is the involvement and ownership of the solution by the company staff


We have profession, extensive and proven experience in the consulting industry, with knowledge of best practices in the areas where we operate

The search for the best solution for our customers requires us to  apply analytical rigor throughout the project, and be practical to implement it

We are focused on tangible and measurable results from the start of each project, considering value creation the key to success of our customers

Maximum commitment to our customers and establishing long-term relationships based on trust and value creation