In DOT CONSULTING we get tangible results. They are the return of our projects, and why those done. The improvements that are obtained depend on the type and objectives of the projects we do with our clients.

We classify them into nine big groups:

  • Reduce costs. We implement improvements to use fewer resources, buy cheaper, reduce waste, optimize the use of facilities, reduction and inventory optimization, etc., aimed at reducing costs
  • Grow in sales. Improve business productivity, the number of visits, the number of converting visits into sales, retail sales arguments, cross-selling products and services, optimization of the customer portfolio, etc.
  • Quality Level. Improve the level of quality services and factories, reduce customer rejections, reduce the level of waste in production, improve the level of customer satisfaction, reduced rework, improved FTT (right first)
  • Saturate resources. We occupy in productive activities available resources, improving productivity, harnessing facilities, optimizing the consumption, production and general saturating machines, making better use of available resources
  • Deadlines. We improve the times of solving problems, service delivery, product design, etc. We standardize timing and become reliable
  • Simplify. We reduce the level of complexity in processes and organizations, eliminating unnecessary steps, clarifying the steps, eliminating expendable documents, facilitating the operation and ordered all administrative procedures
  • Service level. Improving compliance with deadlines agreed with customers, reducing the number of dropouts in “call center”, speed of service delivery, improving conditions in general compliance with suppliers and customers, etc.
  • Lead Times. Reduction of times in manufacturing, product delivery and service delivery
  • Production. Improving the elements produced per person and unit time, with increment of pieces or the number of services provided at equal employees resources